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Waiting room furniture for adults and kids

14 Ideas to Transform Your Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are a major pain point in the patient experience. Emotions – anxiety, fear, confusion, frustration, annoyance – are running high. When you combine that with uncomfortable seating, stacks of old magazines, and overcrowding, it’s no wonder people dread going to the clinic. But help is on the way. Here are several ways to […]

Importance of Chair Designs That Support the Lower Back

The act of sitting can place many stresses on the body. A healthy posture—when the spine is properly aligned—promotes greater overall comfort, including improved concentration and endurance through long hours of seated task work. Recent research studies examine the seated human body at work and explore how chairs can enable office workers to sit more […]

time spent in a doctor’s waiting room is ranked among life’s top inconveniences

Waiting Rooms of the Best Medical Practices

Along with waiting at the DMV and sitting in traffic, time spent in a doctor’s waiting room is ranked among life’s top inconveniences. No one enjoys sitting in an enclosed area full of sick people, idling his or her time with year-old magazines in a lackluster room while waiting to see the doctor. Even with […]

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How to Reduce Office Clutter

Ways to effectively reduce office clutter: Remove ‘Just in Case’ Items Reevaluate the items you are keeping ‘just in case’. Get rid of anything that serves no real purpose, present or future.Remove Physical Files Digitize as many documents as you can to get rid of physical files that take up too much space. Receipts, invoices […]

13 Commercial Office Design Ideas To Inspire Work Efficiency

Gone are the days of sterile, uncomfortable office furniture that sacrificed style for the sake of uniformity. Commercial office design has greatly evolved over the past decade, incorporating ideas for greater worker efficiency and more pleasing aesthetics. Some offices have even taken ideas from home decor in order to make employees feel more comfortable, and […]

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Office More Inviting

You have just moved into a new space, the furniture has been installed and all electrical and data requirements are completed. Your office is good to go and the team is excited with their new space. Several years later, the excitement is gone and something needs to be updated. You might not need a whole […]

4 Tips For Improving Your Home Office Design

Whether you’re a small business owner or someone who freelances at home, the trick to a successful day is sometimes not down to how many coffees you’ve had, but how well-designed your working space is. This area has to be different from the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, in that it needs to be a […]

2 workers talking in an open space office design

10 office design tips for happier employees

Considering the amount of time many of us spend in the office. We can spend twice as much as time as we spend in our own homes. Consider design office spaces with your employees’ comfort front of mind. The problem, though, is that what one team member loves, another team member hates. So how do […]

Doctor's Office Waiting Room Furniture.

Waiting Rooms can help your bottom line

Waiting rooms, too, can promote patient health Is your waiting room set up to optimize your patients’ mood and well-being? Experts in health care design share their tips Patients often form their first impression of a medical practice in the waiting room, or reception area. Stained furniture, old magazines strewn about, rude front-office staff—such experiences […]

Organized color coded file folder in your home office

10 Home Office Hacks to Get You Organized Now

Working from home sounds great — unless your home office is a disaster. Follow these 10 simple tips to help get your home office organized now! 1. Purge Paper. It’s easy to let papers pile up in your home office. Get control of the clutter before it takes over your space. Go through every piece of paper in […]

Waiting room chairs

Waiting Room Furniture Design Tips

Waiting Room Design Tips Your waiting room can make or break your patient experience. No one likes to wait, particularly if it is for something they’re nervous about like a dentist or doctors appointment. Often, how comfortable or uncomfortable your waiting room can make the difference between a customer or patient who is satisfied, and […]

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How to avoid a lousy waiting room experience

Cubicles Plus Office Furnishings helps medical offices avoid a lousy waiting room experience for their patients resulting in higher survey marks and patient retention. Let Cubicles Plus Office Furnishings help you and your medical practice with new waiting room furnishings to make your patients comfortable. Call Doug today to setup a meeting to discuss your […]

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