Sit-Stand Units & Ergonomics

Ergonomics is now serious business for employers.  Making investments NOW for employees with challenges from a poorly designed workspace can save an employer thousands of dollars later in Workers Comp claims, lost time at work, cross training, and inadequate coverage in affected departments.  Cubicles Plus Office has quality, fairly-priced solutions for any ergonomic issue that needs to be addressed. This includes, monitor arms, articulating keyboard trays, electric sit-stand units, and of course quality task chairs.

As for purchasing a task chair, several things should be taken into consideration, regardless of the price point you are comfortable with.  Here are a few pointers:


Whether you sit in your task chair for 10 minutes a day or 10 hours a day, you want to be comfortable when you do. Task chairs should be scaled in size for the individuals using them. You don’t want a 6’4”  250 lb. man sitting in a $39.95 “ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR” from the big box stores. This chair will surely be tossed in the trash after a few months.


Do you currently have issues with your lower back or any other physical ailments that affect the way you sit? Then you should be considering “active ergonomic” task chairs. These task chairs will have several adjustable features for optimal comfort throughout the day. Adjustability will include pneumatic seat height, seat pan tilt, lower lumbar support, back tilt, back height, sliding seat pan, and height/width adjustable arms. Memory foam and mesh materials can also provide more comfort.


If you are a “low maintenance individual” when it comes to ergonomic issues, “passive ergonomic” task chairs should suit you fine. These task chairs have fewer adjustments and are designed for a more universal fit. This is generally achieved with thicker foams and synchro-tilt mechanisms, where the seat and back move simultaneously in a specific ratio; usually 5:1.


Purchase contract quality commercial task chairs, not home office quality. There are several reasons for this. One is fabric selection. With commercial task chairs from a contract dealer, you are able to choose from hundreds of quality fabrics for each and every chair. The second reason is warranty. Many manufacturers offer a warranty. But when it comes time to service that warranty through a retailer, you often have to fend for yourself with no chair during a repair. Other times replacement parts are not available.  A contract office furniture dealer will take care of you in the event you have a service need, and you will never go without your task chair.  Cubicles Plus Office offers a plethora of task chair options for every budget.  We have several featured in our products gallery.


Why Cubicles Plus?

Cubicles Plus Office Furnishings (CPOF) provides what national retail chains do not; top notch service that compliments quality office furnishings of exceptional value. With offices in Minnesota and Florida, we are your go-to office cubicles and office furniture resource anywhere in the lower 48 states.

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