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Home office furnishings to make your office separate from the home areas.

HOME OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY – keep working from home fresh and exhilarating

by Doug Mintz, Owner CPOF Inc – Cubicles Plus Office With so many employees now working from home indefinitely, many are finding it harder to concentrate at the same level of intensity when they first started the practice.  Initially workers were excited about working from home and were team-motivated because of the necessity to maintain […]

Portable Freestanding Desk Screens NOW

Available Now! Portable and Compact Freestanding Desk Screens in 3-5 Days! $48.00 each   (NO MINIMUM REQUIRED) CALL US at:   612-598-3303   or . . . EMAIL US at:   [email protected] Find out more about COVID-19 Personal protection We are living in very challenging times right now. Setting aside politics, this COVID-19 virus is spreading like crazy all over the […]

Sneeze Guards for Schools

Social Distancing Guards for classrooms

It’s that time of year when are kids are going back to school.  Regardless of your political views, we don’t want our kids to get behind in this critical time of development in their lives.  For the schools and institutions that will be holding classes live, make sure they have the appropriate safety measures in place.   CPOF […]

Off-Site employees working from home.

OFF-SITE Home-Based Employees-The New Normal?

OFF-SITE Home-Based Employees-The New Normal? At CPOF Inc, we don’t believe in categorizing employees by the descriptions “Essential” and “Non-Essential“.  This is demeaning to everyone.  All employees are essential to a business, or they wouldn’t be employees!  We believe the correct descriptions are “ON-SITE” and “OFF-SITE” employees. On August 6, Facebook announced that they were […]

Social Distancing Shields

Social Distancing Shields

Social Distancing Shields. GHet them at Cubicles Plus Office Furnishings: [email protected] 352-504-3800 Maintain physical separation to prevent the spread of germs. It’s the responsibility of employers to create a safe work environment for employees who continue to travel to work and social distancing should play a big part in this. By following best practices, employers […]

Seek comfort, health, well-being, and relaxation in your Fortress of Solitude – your home

“During these trying COVID-19 times it’s important to seek comfort, health & well-being, and relaxation in your Fortress of Solitude – – your home . . . . Don’t let this happen to you!  Purchase a nice task chair for your home office!” Find a new home office chair from our gallery here.

Working from Home Tips

New to Work from Home? Small Space? No Problem. Here are a few tips on Maximizing Your Work From Home Office Space.  Work from Home or WFH, as we call it, is becoming a household term as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the work-scape.   This article can help you succeed in overcoming any space challenge […]

Medical office Decor

8 Creative Office Decor Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

It’s no secret that the environment you’re in can play a major role in how you feel, but did you know that it can also make you more productive at work? As it turns out, there are a ton of incredibly simple and economical decor tricks you can integrate into your office that will make you feel more […]

Office organization

10 Desk Organization Ideas That’ll Make Doing Work Less of a Chore

Inspire productivity in your office with these DIY storage solutions. For most people, a cluttered workspace makes for a cluttered mind. Not only will having an organized desk look more inviting, but it’ll motivate you to get to work, especially since you won’t have to clear paper piles and junk out of your way to make it happen. Browse […]

Waiting room furniture for adults and kids

YOUR Waiting RoomWAITING ROOM: An Often-Missed Asset and Marketing Tool

Waiting rooms are consistently the most overlooked asset in a clinic.  When you consider that 97% of patients get frustrated by long wait times at the doctor’s office, you must wonder why waiting rooms don’t receive more attention by clinic owners and their executive directors or office managers. The reason is rather simple.  Both the […]

Waiting room chairs

Waiting rooms, too, can promote patient health

Patients often form their first impression of a medical practice in the waiting room, or reception area. Stained furniture, old magazines strewn about, rude front-office staff—such experiences have a huge impact on how patients perceive the quality of their care, says Arnold Melnick, DO, who has written on many aspects of medical communication. Patients comment […]

Ergonomic office desk chairs

Ergonomic office chairs make for a better work enviroment

You finally convinced your boss to get you an ergonomic chair for your workstation. It arrived two weeks ago and you’ve already noticed how much better you feel at the end of the day. The new chair allows you to focus on your work for longer periods and your back pain has started to improve. Your coworkers […]

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