Waiting Room Furniture Design Tips

January 17, 2019

Waiting room chairs

Waiting Room Design Tips

Your waiting room can make or break your patient experience. No one likes to wait, particularly if it is for something they’re nervous about like a dentist or doctors appointment. Often, how comfortable or uncomfortable your waiting room can make the difference between a customer or patient who is satisfied, and one who leaves miserable. Fortunately, designing a waiting room can be easy! These great tips will help you best utilize your space.  

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Doctor’s office waiting room furniture

An Inviting Entrance Sets The Tone

There’s nothing like a first impression. Making sure your entrance is clean and clutter free can help immediately put patients and visitors at ease. If you have space, the entrance is a great place to add a board with the names and photos of key employees, that way those visiting are immediately familiar with the staff they will be interacting with.

Have Enough Space

A cramped waiting room can make your visitors feel unduly stressed and claustrophobic. Make sure that you tailor your waiting area to the maximum occupancy and then add a little more room. If you have visitors with children, the extra space will give them room to move around without getting bored and flustered.

Make Reception the Focal Point

In order to ensure that all visitors are aware of your procedures and protocols, make sure that your reception desk is the focal point of your waiting area. This way anyone who comes in will visit the reception area first, and your staff will have a clear view of anyone who enters. This will help keep your office running smoothly and prevent mishaps.

Ample Seating For Children and Adults

Not only does your seating need to be comfortable, but there also needs to be enough of it, and you must consider younger guests as well as adults. Having special seating for children can help them feel at ease making the visit more comfortable for them and their parents.

Consider Decor

For the most part, no one wants to go to the doctor or dentist, it’s likely that they are visiting you because they are unwell or for tedious preventative care. With that in mind, make sure that your decor is bright and uplifting. If your waiting area is dark or if there is no entertainment, your visitors will be forced to think about their fears of coming or become more nervous.

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