OFF-SITE Home-Based Employees-The New Normal?

August 13, 2020

Off-Site employees working from home.

OFF-SITE Home-Based Employees-The New Normal?

At CPOF Inc, we don’t believe in categorizing employees by the descriptions “Essential” and “Non-Essential“.  This is demeaning to everyone.  All employees are essential to a business, or they wouldn’t be employees!  We believe the correct descriptions are “ON-SITE” and “OFF-SITE” employees.

On August 6, Facebook announced that they were going to continue to have their employees work remotely (“OFF-SITE”) until July of 2021.  They also announced that they would provide 45,000 of their employees with one-time bonuses of $1,000,00 to assist with their home office needs, to be spent as they see fit.  We have heard similar stories of other businesses currently evaluating their office environments and making similar decisions with many of their employees.  CPOF Inc – Cubicles Plus now offers turnkey packages that include White Glove Installation Services for employers to streamline the procurement of home office setups for their “OFF-SITE” employees.
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