Waiting room furnishings

According to a 2013 survey by Software Advice, 97% of medical patients get frustrated by long wait times at their doctor’s office.

If you can’t reduce the waiting room time your patients experience, you can improve their experience in the waiting room

by providing high quality, comfortable lounge furniture.  This will also help patients feel more relaxed and shift  their focus

away from the delay.

Waiting room chairs

Comfortable lounge chairs in a doctor’s office waiting room

Many patients feel nervous or stressed before their appointments.  A well-designed and harmonious lounge area gives them an

opportunity to decompress and relax.  The look and feel of the waiting room often influences a patient’s first impression of a

medical practice.  A beautiful front lobby sets the tone, and patients leave the facility believing their interaction with the health

care provider is more positive.

Comfortable waiting room chairs by Cubicles Plus Office Furnishings

Doctor’s office waiting room furniture

With the dramatic increase of rating doctors online, patients’ opinions truly influence the choices of others in selecting a provider.

When they experience an environment that is appropriate and comfortable, patients give their doctors and clinics  higher marks.

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