Home Office

Home offices are no longer an afterthought. Many entrepreneurs manage businesses out of their home. Some employees work flex time from home and are often provided a budget from their employer to furnish their home office. These cases set aside, many people simply want a place in their home away from their kitchen table that is well organized and quiet where they can pay their bills.

At Cubicles Plus (CPOF) we are committed to solving your home office challenges and creating solutions that not only provide a productive and efficient work space, but also compliment the aesthetics of that very personal component in your life; your home.

CPOF can design, specify, and install home offices for all budgets. We tailor-fit all furniture components to meet your individual storage needs. Your completed home office will maximize your room foot print, dramatically impact your work efficiency, and increase your overall productivity.

Layout & Design

At Cubicles Plus, our motto is “No two Home Offices are alike”. We treat every home office as a one-off; totally unique. We take complete measurements including room dimensions, door openings, ceiling heights, window locations, outlet and light switch locations, window sill and header heights. Then we translate all this information into your personalized floor plan, complete with the type of furniture and storage requirements that YOU want and need. We then review both a 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional plan with our home office client to ensure that all their ultimate objectives are met. And beyond this consultation exercise, CPOF then provides a 3-dimensional photo-quality COLOR RENDERING of the proposed new home office space, incorporating colors and finishes that our customer desires; wall colors, ceiling colors, door finishes, floor covering details (including colors and carpet, laminate, or tile preference), and finishes of the furniture itself. This rendering provides our customer with a complete and comprehensive vision of their home office weeks before the furniture is installed. They know the exact end game to their home office investment.

Cubicles Plus Office Furnishings. Home offices that not only look good . . . they FEEL good.