Ergonomics doesn’t have to be complicated

June 22, 2017

Over the last ten years, ergonomics has become a subject of great interest in the corporate world. Employees with poorly designed workstations and office furniture often suffer from avoidable lost-time work related maladies. These include neck strain, headaches, eye strain, carpal tunnel, and lower back pain.

There are several preventative expenditures for employers who face challenges in the area of ergonomics.

ERGONOMICS 1001 – Preventative Basics


Active ergonomic task chairs will have several adjustment features; specifically seat height, arm height, back height (or adjustable lumbar), back tilt, and seat pan tilt.


The ideal position of a computer keyboard is in a user’s lap and in the negative tilt position. This allows for a completely relaxed wrist and forearm position, which eliminates muscle strain that can lead to more serious injuries. An articulating keyboard tray should slide in and out, be height adjustable between 25” and 32”, and have tray tilt capabilities.


Computer monitor height should be such that the user does not need to move his/her eyes up or down, nor tilt their head up or down when sitting in their most natural position. A phone book often will suffice to achieve the desired monitor height, but several products are available for superior aesthetics.

When meeting these criteria in an employee’s work area, ergonomics is rather simple. Many problems and work loss issues can be avoided. However, if physical injuries have already occurred, these individuals should seek treatment by medical professionals.

Cubicles Plus has products to assist you with all of your ergonomic challenges.

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